A Super Sweaty Circuit Workout & Happy Rosh Hashana!

Good morning!  I've got a great, pinnable workout to share with everyone this morning. Yesterday morning I taught my Super Circuits class in Old City and I was so surprised with the turnout! I usually have a small class of about 5-8 women, but yesterday I had about 15 people - even a couple guys. I love the energy that a bigger class gives off. 

Before I taught, I had to down a 16 oz of Wawa's Pumpkin Spice Coffee...if you haven't had it GO GET IT NOW. Their pumpkin spice coffee is better than any other coffee places. And way cheaper. 

Anyway, on to the fun stuff. This Super Sweaty Circuit Workout consists of 4 different circuits and a little core burnout at the end. Each circuit is designed to focus on a specific part of the body. I think this one got us all sweatier than usual because after each circuit, that muscle group was a bit fatigued. 

Super Circuit Workout: A sweaty, full body workout! This workout takes about an hour to finish and ends with a core burnout. You will feel the burn! Via ahealthfulheart.com

For the elevated side squat, you simply have one foot on the bench and you bring it down into a squat and then immediately come up to raise your opposite leg. I demo this one in the short video below! The chest press and skull crusher combo means that you will be laying on the bench. You start with a basic chest press, turn your palms to face each other at the top and then go into a skull crusher (tricep extension.)

The alternating reverse lunges to a single leg deadlift are also in the short video below. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite exercises! Single leg deadlifts are an awesome exercise not only for your hamstrings and glutes, but also for your core and stability. This combo movement is a great one to ease you into doing single leg deadlifts because it will take some of the balance challenge away by adding the lunges in. 

Here's  snippet of some of the moves this video is also on my Instagram - with a little better quality!):


On another note, who's celebrating Rosh Hashana today? I'm making a dinner tonight for Michael and I and we are going to FaceTime my family in Florida. Sad that we can't be all together but technology kind of makes it possible! I'm making a turkey breast, matzoh ball soup and this honey cake. I'm excited. 

Michael and I just walked to our local coffee shop (at the train station) for some lattes and I'm about to head out for a long run in this BEAUTIFUL 70 degree weather. It's starting to feel like fall and I am so happy :) After that I'll get cooking.


XO- Rach

What's your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?