I SUCK at Running, So I Registered for a Half Marathon...

Happy Monday! I got a jolt of inspiration this weekend so I wanted to start off the week on a motivational note and talk about my journey to a half marathon. Practice makes PROGRESS not perfection! Everyone starts somewhere. Half Marathon training!

Practice does not make perfect. What even is perfect? No one is perfect. But practice certainly makes for a lot more ease and ability, and it's truly all about progress. That's how I feel about running. I'm a terrible runner! I've got short legs, a short stride and I'm all around SLOW. Running has always been a challenge for me but this year I decided to finally take on the challenge and register for the Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. It's also a fun way to explore my new home, right?

Last year I really wanted to run a half and I jumped into running way too quickly, didn't stretch enough, etc. I ended up with AWFUL shin splints that forced me to just stop. It was incredibly discouraging, and I just kind of decided that running wasn't my thing. When I moved to Philadelphia, however, I got back into going on short runs around the city and realized how much I actually enjoy running.

The half marathon I signed up for this time is on Oct. 31. I've started training, but I'm not too hard on myself this time because my goal for this race is to simply finish without stopping to walk, even if it takes me three hours! Hopefully it won't, but you get the idea. I will say, a few weeks ago when my long run was a five-miler, I felt like there was NO way I could do anymore. Five felt like forever.

However, yesterday morning I ran seven miles and it was honestly one of the best runs I've ever had! It really gave me the push I needed to help me realize that I really can run a half marathon. I guess it's true what they say - if you put your mind to it, you can make it happen!

I've been trying to be a lot better about stretching before and after and foam rolling. Any running tips are much appreciated from any runners out there!

A few things I've discovered from changing up my routine to add in more running:

  • I LOVE being outside. Unless I have to teach, I've been aiming to get outside for my workouts, not just running.
  • Running is an amazing stress reliever. More-so than a strength training workouts or yoga for me, I think because I can listen to my favorite music and enjoy the scenery - it's simple, it's a great workout and I feel good after. The perfect weather here in Philly has also been helping...
  • I love where I live. Seriously, I've discovered so many awesome streets and places that I want to eat. And homes that I want to live in. Philadelphia is a beautiful place!
  • Shoes and compressions socks are everything. Running in Asics and wearing compression socks this time around has made all the difference. Although my shins act up sometimes, my hips and my knees never bother me.

I'll keep the updates coming about my running adventures.

Running - love or hate it?

Do you have any half marathon training tips?