Interval Training Workout + Starting to Say Goodbye

Good morning everyone! I taught my last group fitness class ever at UF bright and early this morning (6:15 a.m.) and it would be an understatement to say that I am going to miss it. Teaching here has been such a valuable experience that I will take with me when I leave, but I just feel like it's going to be hard to find a similar atmosphere that we have here. Nothing beats it! This morning's workout was an awesome 45 minute interval training workout. All intervals were 30 seconds with only 15 seconds of rest. It was the perfect combo of strength and cardio and everyone walked out really sweaty at 7 a.m.! Such a great feeling.

IntervalsThe equipment I used for this class was a bench, a light set of dumbbells and one heavier dumbbell for single side exercises.

I got the idea for the side lunge hop from and she demonstrates them in this workout. A half burpee looks like this. Essentially, you start in a plank position and jump your feet to meet your hands to come up in a squat and hold for a second. Plank rows on the bench (:45) are also a great exercise! Really tests your core stability.

After teaching, I worked for a couple hours, came home and enjoyed some oats...



And now I am getting ready for my FINAL public relations presentation for my major. After today I'm freeeee!!!! Until I start my job in less than two weeks. It's so weird being done, I kind of never thought this day would come and I wish it didn't come so fast, but that's life! After my group's presentation we plan to celebrate a little and then I will be spending the rest of the week packing up my apartment.

Have a great Tuesday!