Life Lately: Moving, Working, Teaching...All of the Above!

Hey there! I haven't had the time to sit down and catch up lately - everything has been really busy, to say the least! I'll share some snap shots of the last week and a half or so, which seems to have gone by so fast. First off, I moved! Again! Michael and I got our first place together. It's been very new and exciting. We couldn't be happier with our place, and it seems to be finally coming together. We had an Ikea field day last Sunday and it took us three days to build a dresser. Okay, it was probably only a total of four hours, but when we get home from work the last thing we want to do is build furniture...

I'll share photos once the place looks nice, but here is one from the day we moved. Moving this leather couch was one of the hardest things I've ever done - it feels like it weighs 1,000 pounds and we put multiple holes in the hall way walls lugging this thing up the stairs!


The last few days we've just been busy trying to settle in. Here's a few snapshots from last week. We had a fun week at work including a venture to Painting With A Twist, a Good Humor sponsored ice cream party (clearly the ice cream deliverer doesn't eat the ice cream), and a morning of volunteering at MANNA which included making a batch of brownies for 300 people which was SO FUN. You better believe we cleaned the bowl pretty well...

Painting With a Twist!

Volunteering at MANNA

On Thursday my mom and grandma came to visit! I had a blast showing them around Philly. They both have never been here before and absolutely love it!


I was able to leave work early on Friday to give them a little tour. We stopped at Agno for lunch, which is basically a really healthy & Mediterranean Chipotle (AMAZING).

healthy agno

I showed them a lot of the historic landmarks including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Elfreth's Alley and Betsy Ross's house. We also walked through the National Museum of Jewish American History. It's a beautiful museum! I loved it because it wasn't too large or overwhelming. We got through the entire museum in probably an hour, if that. Definitely recommend! The bottom floor features a lot of Jewish pop culture and we were cracking up at a Seinfeld episode that plays on a loop. We ended up at Spruce Street Harbor Park on the river because we all needed a beer after walking all day. Spruce Street Harbor Park is easily one of my favorite places in Philadelphia.

Victory Summer Love - currently my favorite brew!

Yesterday my mom came to my Saturday morning class at Sweat Fitness, we grabbed an egg sandwich at Reading Terminal Market and then we all hopped on the train to come to the new apartment. We spent the rest of the day buying some odds and ends for the apartment, some booze (necessary for a new apartment) and some stuff to make for dinner. It was the perfect Saturday ending with an amazing home cooked meal - angel hair with veggies and shrimp and delicious sirloin. Plus some munchies before hand...

cheese and crackers

My grandma and her delicious pasta.

Michael and I are heading into Center City soon to have brunch with my mom and grandma before they leave to go back to Florida. It was a short but sweet visit - we packed it in! I always say this, but I really do feel like I'm on a summer vacation even though I work full time - Philadelphia is such an amazing city with so much to offer! I probably won't be saying this in the winter, but for now, I'm loving it.

- Rach


How is everyone's summer going?

What's your favorite city?