The New Hood: Sushi at Hokka Hokka, Chestnut Hill

I'm just going to start by saying how HAPPY I am that it's the weekend! For some reason this week just seemed to drag on very slowly. Just one of those weeks, I guess! Last night MichaIel and I decided to stay around our new neck of the woods instead of taking the train into center city. The train to downtown Philly only takes about 25 minutes, but I was really tired from this week and we really haven't tried out any places around our new area since we moved in. I'm happy just to have some downtime in our new apartment this weekend!

I was really in the mood for sushi, so we tried out a restaurant near by called Hokka Hokka. Overall it was very good sushi! The cocktail menu didn't sound appealing to me at all, so I opted to start with a glass of Chardonnay and some seaweed salad. image

Michael ordered just the house salad with ginger dressing. I was expecting it to be a generic little salad, but it was HUGE. Such a nice salad.image

For the rest of our meal we ordered three rolls to share: Spicy salmon, a Farmer's Roll and a Lobster Roll that was deep fried. It was the perfect amount! The Farmer's Roll was my favorite one. It had tuna inside and it was topped with salmon and eel sauce. The Lobster roll was delicious but VERY rich. It was kind of like sushi desert.image

We left full and happy, but not too full to skip out on desert. Cue the Fro Yo.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Friday night! I'm on the train on the way to teach my Saturday morning class as I type this up. Workout coming later :).

- Rach

P.S. My site got a little facelift, did ya notice?