Welcome to A Healthful Heart!

twitterpic Hello!!!

I am so excited to start this blog and really focus on promoting what I love! A Healthful Heart will be a place for me to entertain, inform and inspire a balanced lifestyle by sharing my own knowledge and experiences. I can't wait to share everything that fuels me, including workouts, recipes, travel tips, fashion and the beginning of my professional career. This girl is currently looking for jobs and I think that being able to use A Healthful Heart as an outlet will help guide me through the ups and downs of landing that first job (hoping that it won't be too stressful, but come on, how can you combat the threat of unemployment after graduation!?)

My goal for A Healthful Heart is to relate to readers by writing about pieces of my own life. The past year has been a huge whirlwind of personal growth and I am honestly upset I didn't take the time to start this blog earlier as a way to document my time in college. It's never too late to start anything, right?!

If you'd like to read more about me, head over to my About page. I hope that you follow along and enjoy this journey as much as I will!