What's up Wednesday?

Happy Hump Day! This post consists of some random thoughts as I sit here drinking this amazing latte from Cymplify...

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Job Hunt

I have a job interview today. This is one out of two that I've had so far and I've applied to about 50. Who's in the same boat? Isn't it fun!! This weekend is a bit freed up for me so other than enjoying the amazing weather (supposed to be in the 70's this weekend!) I plan on applying for about 30 more. It's a hefty goal but I am getting real determined because April is around the corner. I also recently started my free trial of LinkedIn Premium, which has been making the job search a little easier. Thank you, LinkedIn!

Instagram Layout

Instagram released a new app this week called Layout. If you are obsessed with Instagram like I am this is pretty exciting! It's a new photo editing app that allows you to get really creative with photography layouts. It's very easy to use! You can create a custom layout or use one of many layouts that the app provides. Read more about it here.

Healthy Skin

Lately my skin has been looking and feeling really healthy to me and I thought I would share a few things I have been doing differently! I have always had pretty healthy skin, but it's usually really dry, sensitive and easily irritated. I don't use a lot of skin care products but there's two that have made a big difference lately!

Vitamin C Oil - I have been applying this every night after I wash my face and I absolutely love it! It is a little oily, but it has made my skin extremely smooth and hydrated when I wake up every morning. It has a ton of antioxidants that are beneficial for skin. It reduces inflammation, promotes the growth of collagen and diminishes the appearance of sun damage. Miracle oil! According to Dr. Oz, it can drop a decade off of your face. Not sure how much truth is in that statement, but I have definitely noticed a positive change!

Lush Love Lettuce Exfoliating Face Mask - A friend lent me some of this to try out last week and I absolutely love it!! It's awesome. Totally natural ingredients, smells awesome and makes my skin feel amazing. Because of the natural ingredient list, it needs to be refrigerated, and when you apply it, it feels cool and soothing. Unfortunately there is not a Lush store in Gainesville, but as soon as I am near one I am going to pick up some more.

This Newfie Video

I have an obsession with big dogs. Half of my Twitter and Instagram news feeds consists of dogs. I cannot wait until I can have my own Golden Retriever/Huskie/Aussie/Newfie/German Shepard/All of the above. So I'll leave you with this adorable video that I've watched way too many times: