WIAW + Easiest Chocolate Chia Granola Recipe!

I totally meant to post this last Wednesday, but work was crazy and then I left early Thursday morning for a weekend of training and learning in Boston! And then Sunday I was exhausted and took naps instead of posting. Anyway, I still wanted to share what I've been noshing on lately! I also have a super easy granola recipe to share. 


A big ole' bowl of oats with almond milk, banana, walnuts and raspberry preserves! This week I've been loving the savory breakfasts though - eggs, Canadian bacon and sweet potato. 

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After having a few training sessions, I scarfed this PB & J before my own workout for some quick energy...

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Lunch of tuna salad, veggies, avocado, olives and feta! Also had an apple on the side. 

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Dinner (at work)

Roasted sweet potato, jalapeño chicken sausage and brussels sprouts.

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I also had one of my Apple Cinnamon Raisin Muffins and when I got home from work a bowl of greek yogurt with banana and the delicious granola recipe I'm about to share. I'm always hungry! 

Easiest Chocolate Chia Granola Recipe


[yumprint-recipe id='21'] Have a great Wednesday! 

XO - Rach

Do you have a favorite granola combo?

What's your favorite snack to eat before a workout?