#WorkoutWednesday: Boot Camp Workout & Half Marathon Playist

You know those days that when it turns 5:30 p.m., you think back to what happened earlier in the day and it feels like a week ago? That was my day yesterday. I think that Daylight Saving time has something to do with it because it's now pitch black outside when I leave work, but it was just a long, strange day. I missed my train in the morning, a grumpy old man at CVS told me to drop dead around noon after I accidentally cut in line to buy soap and then a man approached me as I was rushing to catch my train to introduce himself and tell me that he was catching a train too but took the time to introduce himself (jeesh could you be a little more subtle, bud?) People, man. Lessons learned today: kick my ass into gear in the mornings, DON'T cut old men in line at the Pharmacy and maybe put my earphones in while I walk to the train.  Let's get to the fun stuff - sweat! 

Here's what my week of workouts looked like last week:


Teach 6 a.m. spin class 


5K run along the river and a few stair sprints up the Art Museum steps. I loved this workout. I can't get enough of the fall weather and being outside after work. I mean, look at this view! 

Rocky Statue Philadelphia

Philadelphia Art Museum StepsWednesday:

21-15-9-6 reps of hang cleans, push-ups, kettlebell swings and push presses 

4 Rounds of 100 meter run, 10 alternating box pistol squats, 5 bicep curl & press, 15 in and outs


Early a.m. sculpt class


Rested and carbed up for the half marathon!


Philly Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon! First time I've ever run 13.1. 


I stretched a bit and put my mom through a little circuit workout. I didn't do all of it with her but it actually felt good to move my sore body! Then we went for about an hour and a half walk that was only supposed to be 30 minutes. Oh, and lots of eating. 

It was a solid week of workouts, but I really am looking forward to getting back into more strength training and mobility. Running has taught me a lot but I'm totally ready to switch it up again. 

I will leave you with this boot camp inspired workout that's adapted from my Super Circuits class & my half marathon playlist that I didn't even listen to during the half marathon! But I promise it's been on repeat otherwise. 

Full Body Boot Camp Workout ahealthfulheart.com

Can you tell that circuit style workouts are my favorite? Best bang for your buck!  

Have a great Hump Day, everyone!

XO- Rach

Did you have a weird Tuesday, or am I the only one? Is Mercury in Retrograde or something?

What was your favorite workout of the week?