#WorkoutWednesday: Chipper Workout & Weekly Workouts

Happy Hump Day!! I have a new workout to share with you all today that takes less than 30 minutes! Now that's efficiency.  Before I share, here's a short recap of what my workouts looked like last week. I was a little on the slow side all last week after the half marathon.


Taught 6 a.m. spin class - actually not as bad as I thought it would be after the half! After work, I got a deep tissue massage. I may have cried a little bit. That shit was painful. I'm SO tight everywhere! New priorities: mobility and flexibility. 


Rest day - wanted to make it to a yoga class, but I was exhausted.


Was going to go to a 5:30 barre class after work, but couldn't leave the office in time. Ended up going to a 6:30 boot camp class with two of my co-workers and it ended up being a great workout! Really tough, but I needed it. I'm actually subbing this class tonight, I'm pumped! 


5:15 a.m. sculpt class (UGHHH so early)




Taught Super Circuits - this was a fun one, I programmed a workout revolving around the stability ball, which I don't use often enough! 


I loved not having a long run planned and went to the gym and kind of dilly dallied around. I did some squats, deadlifts, a whole bunch of TRX exercises, some kettlebell stuff - I felt like a kid in a playground and I didn't have to rush! Don't you love that?

Below is a workout that I did last night with Chelsey after work. We were tired and wanted to get in and out in less than 45 minutes and we did just that. I'm still getting used to this darker earlier thing. At 5:30 it feels like it's 11! This took us about 20 minutes. Feel free to modify - you don't need to add in the box jump with the burpee, you can do regular squats instead of squat presses, squat jumps instead of KB swings, etc.50-40-30-20-10 Chipper Workout | ahealthfulheart.comI'll leave you with a fun little playlist I used for my Monday morning spin class! 

XO- Rach

What's everyone else doing to sweat this week?