#WorkoutWednesday: Crazy 7 Workout

HUMP DAYYY!  Oh my gosh, you guys, we're half way there. I can't wait. Once it's the weekend I'm only 1 and a half work days away from going home to Florida! I think what I love the most about these #workoutwednesday posts is the fact that I get to hype myself up for the weekend...I truly never realized how amazing the weekends were until I graduated college!

Also this weekend, I'm meeting up with two awesome Philly bloggers - Cristin & Brittany! We're meeting up in Manayunk for dinner & drinks - can't wait to meet them (in real life)! It's so strange how the interwebz can bring together like minded people so easily. We met through through Instagram...what is life?


Okay and now getting onto the fun part for today...this CRAZY 7 workout! Why 7, you ask? No clue. Honestly when I was programming this workout, I knew I wanted to include burpees, and for some reason  7 burpees sounded a lot nicer than 10 burpees. And then I got fixated on the number 7 so I created the workout of 7 exercises, 7 reps, 7 rounds. 7-7-7.

This workout has an equal balance of some push, pull, strength and cardiovascular movements - just the way I like it. See the video below for the demos of each exercise! P.S. anything can be modified i.e. step outs for the burpees, take the jump out of the squat, sit up instead of V-up, jumping jack instead of high knees, TRX rows instead of single arm archer rows...there are ALWAYS options! So don't ever do away with a workout if the exercises look intimidating - just ask for the options! 

Crazy 7 Workout! 7 Rounds to work on strength, burn calories and keep your body guessing! ahealthfulheart.com


And finally, I'll share a current playlist that's rocking my world. Do Or Die by Childish Gambino and Flux Pavillion is my new jam plus anything by Saint Motel!

Have a great day, everyone! 

XO- Rach