#WorkoutWednesday: 11 Do Anywhere Workouts!

Have you sweat today? If not, hopefully I can spark a few ideas. Or if you're takin' it easy today, enjoy the read and save for later :) With the holidays approaching, things can get crazy busy and there's always a ton of traveling and limited time, so I put together a list of awesome workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime!

Full Body:

I went down to the track near my apartment this past weekend to do this workout, and I'll tell you now it's a lot harder than it looks! I used the railing along the track for the inverted rows. You don't need a track to run 400m - can be done on a treadmill, around the block or guess-timate about 2 minutes of cardio exercises like high knees, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc. before each round!

10-15-20 track workout via ahealthfulheart.com!

CrossFit Style No-Equipment Workout: A super easy to follow, quick-paced workout that can be done for as many or as little rounds as you like! Also very easy to modify by taking out the plyos.

Jump Rope Tabata Workout: Jumping rope is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises! I think I bought mine at TJ Maxx for $5? It's pretty beat up now though. *PS great holiday gift for the fit-minded!

HIIT Workout from Ashley at Fit Mitten Kitchen: This one looks awesome! Simple to follow, efficient & boredom-busting.


Total Body Tabata workout from Brie at Lean Clean & Brie: Gotta love Tabata workouts! This one especially hits every major muscle group and gets your heart rate pumpin'.


Lower Body:

This Lower Body Barre Plyo Fusion Workout from Chrissa at Physical Kitchness: In 20 minutes, you have a complex lower body workout - and all you need is a mat! Barre is killer (at least for me!) and now if you combine barre and plyo elements? Phew!

This Outdoor Stair Workout from Ali at Ali Goes The Distance: This workout looks tough, but most importantly, FUN! I love that the focus is on lower body and cardio with a little mix of core! And it's making me miss Florida...can't wait to go home soon! Find yourself a set of stairs and you're good to go.

Upper Body:

This 20 Minute Abs & Arms workout from Beverly at Sweaty & Fit: I love how she breaks down each exercise!



Four-Exercise Core Circuit by yours truly:


This Killer Core Circuit from Kaila at A Healthy Helper: If you really want to feel that core burn, this one is for you! 


So if you're feeling uninspired during the holidays, just remember you can build up a sweat in less than 20 minutes with no equipment - our bodies are wonderful tools!

XO - Rach

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